Your Body After Pregnancy

Your Body After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life altering experience, both in the fact that you go through a lot of physical changes and hormonal swings that put a lot of stress on your system; but you also face losing the figure you have had all your life before you were pregnant. For some women, that fact of losing your figure is almost too much to handle and they spend many hours trying different plans to maintain that figure or get it back after the delivery. Reclaiming your body after pregnancy is not an impossiblity, but it is a challenge and one that can be beaten if you keep your wits about you.

Weight gain during pregnancy is a given. Mother Nature has designed the whole pattern of pregnancy to be one that is geared solely for the wellbeing and healthy development of the baby both during the pregnancy months and after delivery. The mother’s body puts on weight gradually to prepare it for supporting the life of the new baby and supplying the nutrients necessary for growth; and also prepares the mother’s body for breastfeeding. The natural design is that breastfeeding is the answer for providing food and immunity protection to the infant and the weight gain imposed on the mother is the insurance policy that there will be enough sustenance stored up to do the job.

So when you think of pregnancy on that level, it makes your temporal worries about whether or not you can fit into your old jeans from your prepregnancy days a moot point. There are lots of means you can take with the help and advice of your doctor to keep this weight gain under control so that it is gradual and safe. The last thing you need for your body after pregnancy is having to subject it to a strict regimen to lose weight when if you had followed a safe and sensible eating plan with exercises while you were pregnant, you could have prevented the excess weight gain in the first place.

So, let’s not get negative about all this….there are things you can do while pregnant that will ease the pain of postpartum weight loss. First of all, you need to maintain a positive attitude and a desire to follow an eating plan that you and your doctor have developed that also includes exercises that are gentle enough for you to do during pregnancy without hurting yourself or the baby, and yet promote weight loss.

And don’t get caught up in the false promises that radical diets or slimming pills promote where they assure you that with their fat busting formulas, they can have you looking like a movie star in a week. That is nothing but marketing hype and cannot be substantiated at all. Most of those radical diets will promote weight loss in the beginning, but all the weight will come back on quickly once you stop the diet. You must backburner the desire to get into that little black slinky number you saw in the department store window until after your baby is successfully delivered and you can slowly begin to lose the accumulated weight.

And that brings up another thought. It took you 9 months to put on that pregnancy weight so you should allow at least that amount of time to take it off and regain your body after pregnancy. Doing so can be an easier prospect if you follow the plan your doctor has set up for you and make sure you do the exercises included so that your postpartum weight loss is gradual and safe. Your body has to be able to support the increasing weight of the growing baby, and your joints and muscles are stressed during this time; so make sure the exercise regimen is followed and done faithfully so that your body is toned and fit while supporting this extra weight.

Now that you are pregnant and have started putting on weight, your thoughts naturally turn to making sure that the weight gain is monitored and kept under control. That is a job you can master with the help of your doctor and a good eating plan that includes gentle exercises so that you are not tempted to binge and overeat and not only are you safeguarding the developing health of your baby, but you are laying solid groundwork for reclaiming your body after pregnancy.

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