Why People Hate Holidays When They Are Dieting

Why People Hate Holidays When They Are Dieting

Let’s face it: holidays stink when you are trying to lose weight (unless, of course, they include “fasting”, the act of NOT eating for a specified period of time). Normally, there are so many foods and snacks and desserts during the holidays, it makes it impossible to stick to a diet of any type! Have no fear, you can enjoy your holiday and enjoy your food at the same time. With the help of the following tips, you should be able to let yourself indulge and have a wonderful holiday without gaining all of the “holiday weight”.

Why People Gain Weight around the Holidays

Let’s first discuss why people gain weight on the holidays. How many times have you heard (or said)…”

Oh, it’s the holidays! Forget about the diet; I’m going to fail it entirely anyway.” Or, maybe you’ve heard, “I’ll just have a little – that can’t hurt!”

The Real Deal

Go ahead and indulge…

The second “excuse” is actually a better thought than the first. The holidays should not be a reason to completely abandon your weight loss plan. It’s okay to go ahead and indulge a little. The key phrase here is “a little”. Have small bites of holiday treats – those holiday aromas are going to torment the senses until you indulge a little. The longer you hold yourself back from the snacks and desserts, the better chances that you are going to make a huge mistake.

However, if you go to a holiday dinner with the pre-set mindset that you are going to allow yourself to indulge, you will be much better off. You will find that you can limit yourself better if you permit a slight indulgence, as opposed to holding yourself back, and essentially trying to keep yourself from all of the wonderful holiday delights. Go to the gathering with a figure in mind.

It All Boils Down to Portion Size

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How many treats are you going to allow yourself? What sized portions are you going to permit yourself to eat? What flavors or tastes do you really want to experience this holiday? Make you choices and stick to them. Most importantly, while you are allowing yourself to indulge and enjoy your holiday, pay close attention to the portion size that you are taking. The portion size is the biggest part of your indulgence says the creator of athlean x. As long as the portions are very small, you are permitting yourself to enjoy the tastes of the holidays without completely obliterating your diet.

Holiday Shopping Can Burn those Extra Calories

After the holiday meal, go for a shopping trip. No, this isn’t to spend a ton of money to make you feel better about your indulgences. This is about getting that exercise to burn off the excess calories, and it’s a fun way of doing it, too! There’s no need to spend money – window shopping is just fine, as long as you are getting that walking in, you are burning calories.

Don’t deprive yourself of the holiday festivities and treats! Go enjoy the holidays by allowing yourself to indulge and then work off those calories by taking a fun trip to the mall.

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