Top 9 Tricks To Look Thinner

Top 9 Tricks To Look Thinner

When it comes to the best ways to look thinner, of course, the best is weight loss. However, weight loss process can take time, especially if you want to lose it in a healthy way. How to look slimmer before you hit your weight loss goals? Read more and discover top 9 tricks to look thinner!

1. Wear the right clothes

Finding right fit is one of the best tricks to look thinner. You clothes should be not too loose and large and not too tight. So, avoid wearing shapeless, baggy clothes, as they won’t make you look slimmer. Super tight clothes are also not suitable. Simply wear your size! Additionally, you might want to try to wear body-lengthening clothes and accessories, such as long cardigans, necklaces, scarves. Define your waist with a belt, wear dark pants or dress.

2. Wear the right shoes

Wearing heels is a good way to look taller and thinner. Heels make your legs look longer, giving you a sexy and slender look. Avoid wearing thin sandals and tiny heels, square-toe shoes. Opt for chunky heels!

3. Wear the right color combination

Wearing the right color combination can make you look thinner. You don’t need to go all black! Choose darker clothes and add lighter accessories. Moreover, try to wear single-color combinations, like wearing one dark, solid color. Choose dark brown, navy or blue. Alternatively, you can wear different tones of the same color. In any case, choose the colors that suit your complexion and taste.

4. Get highlights in your hair

Highlights will create vertical lines, which will make you look slimmer. Moreover, if you have a round face, grow your hair long. According to a fashion magazine Glamour: “If you have longer, curly, wavy hair, it gives the effect that your body is smaller than it is!”

5. Drink H2O!

Believe it or not, but drinking water can make you look few pounds thinner. Drinking H2O will help to get rid of water weight, especially if you are retaining water or eating too much salt. Drink water not only when you feel thirsty. Ideally, you should drink 8-10 glasses of this super drink daily.

6. Show some neck

If you want to look thinner instantly, wear a top that shows your neckline. This trick will help to draw the attention upward. You might want to try wearing V-neck tops! They look always attractive and will make you look thinner.

7. Accept yourself as you are!

It is very important to love the size you are. Nothing will make you look more attractive than self-confidence and radiant smile! According to a health portal WebMD: “Sometimes, looking our best also means accepting that our bodies may never be the size we want — and learning to live with the size we are. Our cosmetic weight, the one we think we look best at, is not necessarily the physiological weight at which our bodies are the happiest. Regardless of the pressure from the media to be rail-thin, we have to do our best with diet and exercise and learn how to not just accept ourselves, but revel in our beauty and health — no matter our size.”

8. Choose fluid fabrics

You should choose fabrics wisely; it is one of the best tricks to look thinner instantly! According to WebMD, you should avoid heavy, hard and stiff fabrics that magnify every ripple. Opt for fluid fabrics that softly follow your shape and curves.9. Make your face look slimmer with makeup!

Makeup tricks can make you look thinner instantly! According to a fashion magazine Marie Claire: “The simplest technique for slenderizing a chubby face: Play up the eyes. This tip comes from celebrity makeup artist Trish McEvoy.” How to enhance your eyes? Firstly, line the top and bottom outer rims with eyeliner, halfway only, from the mid-lid to the outer corner. After that, put on some mascara. In addition to these tricks to look thinner by enhancing your eyes, you can also apply bronzer along your jaw line to hide your double chin.

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