Extreme Weight Loss Tips

Extreme Weight Loss Tips

If you plan to start an extreme weight loss diet plan then consider splitting up the days between proteins and vegetables to lower your caloric intake.

By eliminating carbs on certain days and then eliminating vegetables on other days, you are going to bring your caloric intake down as low as possible without losing any muscle mass.

This extreme weight loss method works best if you aren’t following it for weeks and weeks. If you do, your metabolism will drop and the weight will be harder to burn off. What you should do is follow the low calorie high protein diet for 3 to 4 days and then switch it up to a more normal dietary intake, where you can add in the carbs and fats. Just don’t overdue it on these days.

Place the more normal diet on the days you workout so your body has the fuel to perform your workouts and then be able to recover from your workouts.

On the days you don’t workout, eat your low calorie, high protein diet. Switch back and forth between these two diet methods until you reach the desired weight loss.

Extreme Weight Loss Tip #1 – Add Resistance Training Circuits To Your Workout

Adding circuit training to your workout sessions is a great way to burn twice as many calories. Circuit training is a very effective way of promoting extreme weight loss. Be sure to add in some heavy weight training with this method. Training to failure is good, but I recommend that you only train to failure 2 to 3 days a week.

Remember not to do to much of the high repetition, low weight circuit training as this may cause a loss in muscle mass. That’s why when performing circuit training exercises, it’s good to throw in some heavy weight training as well.

Using heavy weights while circuit training will help you to see the results you’re looking for faster.

Extreme Weight Loss Tip #2 – Be Sure To Get Enough Rest

Resting is very important in weight loss and exercising because when you are lifting weights, you are breaking down the muscle, promoting growth. When you are resting, you are giving your muscles a chance to build back up. Weight trainers know that you have to break down the muscle before you can build it up.

Remember you are on a low calorie, high protein diet so your body will not recover as fast as it would with a high calorie diet. Doing too much will hinder your weight loss making you weaker and unable to perform the exercises needed for this extreme weight loss method.

Your main goal here is to workout at least 3 times per week, but I also want you to throw in at least 2 cardio workouts as well as your strength training workouts.

You need to build up your heart and lungs as well as your arms, abs and legs. Without the heart to pump the blood and the lungs to provide the oxygen, you might as well drop out. Do your cardio 2 times a week.

You can workout 6 days a week if you’d like, but I recommend that you workout 5 days a week and take 2 days to completely recover from your extreme weight loss efforts.

Following these extreme weight loss tips will provide you with the results that you are seeking. Plan out your workouts and your meals ahead of time and make sure you have everything covered.

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